Classic Club Solutions

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Classic Club Solutions is a leader in software specifically designed for local golf associations.

CCS is celebrating its 10th year and provides service to golf organizations across the country.

The web-based software allows golfers a one-stop site for all of their club information. Golfers can sign up for an event, see who else is signed up, and receive automatic confirmations via email, text, or both. Members can sign up for events as individuals, with a partner, as a threesome, or as a completed foursome. Each player will receive a confirmation that they will be playing together. If one player must cancel, the other players will also receive a confirmation. Each member has access to the member directory, which consists of contact
information and handicap indexes. There is also a news section and club contact information page.
The site is very “user-friendly” and easy to navigate. There is also a Help Me button on each page so that each member can get live online support 24 hours a day. CCS is also a great tool for the club professional, helping them to communicate with membersabout upcoming events, and then create and distribute results after the event.

Classic Club Solutions is an all-inclusive, subscription-based, annual service. There are no setup fees, no hosting charges, no additional fees of any kind.

Advertising space is available on thewebsite, with the golf club keeping 100% of the advertising revenue. For more information about this excellent golf association specific software service, please contact Bill Strong, Co-Owner of CCS.

Phone: 512-415-4684