Nicklaus Golf Ball Review

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by Joey Johnson

When Jack Nicklaus talks, golfers listen. The winner of 18 major championships and 74 official PGA titles, Jack has produced a line of golf balls designed to 1- simplify the process of selecting the right ball to use, and 2- make charitable contributions.

Our goal: to simplify golf ball selection. In today’s world, most golfers don’t know which ball is the right ball for them. With Nicklaus Black, Nicklaus Blue, and Nicklaus White, all you need to know is the tee you play from. We have created three cutting edge balls to maximize feel and distance for different levels of play:
• Nicklaus White – For those who play from the forward tees
• Nicklaus Blue – For those who play from the middle tees
• Nicklaus Black – For those who play from the back tees

A portion of each purchase amount is donated to the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation, dedicated to supporting the well-being of children across the country by providing access the world-class heath care. For more information about the foundation, visit

We took a closer look at each ball and tested their performance on the course.

Nicklaus White
As described, the white is for players who play from the forward tee. The ball features a compression of 62, has a surlyn cover, a soft gradient core, and a spin reducing mantle. The ball is best suited for ladies or senior golfers with relatively low swing speeds.
While the Nicklaus white has a relatively low compression, this doesn’t necessarily translate to a “soft” feel. The cover actually feels rather hard. The ball does seem easy to compress and offers low spin. The Nicklaus White is a good ball for players looking for reduced spin and more distance.

Nicklaus Blue
Designed for players who play the “middle tees”. The Nicklaus Blue has compression of 82, a surlyn cover, high-speed gradient core, and a low spin mantle.
Very comparable to most other surlyn covered balls on the market. Not as “clicky” as the Nicklaus White, the Blue offers increased spin on full shots and pitches.

Nicklaus Black
The Nicklaus Black is the headliner of the group. It is designed for better players who have higher swing speeds, expect optimal control on all shots, and higher rates of spin on approach shots. The Black has a compression of 84, a responsive urethane cover, a high speed gradient core, and a spin optimized mantle.
We spent the most time testing the Nicklaus Black and came away quite impressed. The ball seemed at least as long as other tour-quality urethane balls.

The ball is very impressive with iron shots. Balls fly with a medium-high trajectory and check up very impressively. Several rounds were played in windy conditions and the ball penetrates the wind quite nicely.

On pitch shots around the green, when a little spin is called for, the Nicklaus Black produces on par with other premium balls on the market. Give it a try up against your regular ball and see for yourself!

The White and Blue are available for $28.00 per dozen. The Black is available for $32.00 per dozen. Prices include shipping.
I’d recommend that you give one of the Nicklaus golf balls a try. You’ll get a good ball at a great price while contributing to a wonderful cause.

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