Product Review: The Putting Stroke Teacher

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by Joey Johnson
The Putting Stroke Teach is a training aid that claims to help golfers learn andpractice three key putting fundamentals.
1- Allows a golfer to confirm forearm and should alignment visually.PST
2- Helps the path of the putter to be straight down the line at impact.
3- Creates a more solid impact by hitting putts in the center of the club face.
The Putting Stroke Teacher consists of a rubber covered steel frame that is to be attached to the player’s putter grip using the 2 Velcro straps which are included.  Two rods are then fit into the frame.

Once The Putting Stroke Teacher is properly attached to your putter, it’s time to check your alignment. To do this, place an alignment rod along the line of your intended putt. Place another alignment rod behind your heels and parallel to your aim line. Take your normal putting grip and make sure that the alignment rods of The Putting Stroke Teacher are lying gently against your forearms. Aim your putt as normal. This will allow you to easily compare your shoulder and forearm line to the proper aim line. Now that you’re in the proper position, stroke your putt. During the stroke, The Putting Stroke Teacher is designed to help you check that you are keeping the putter on the proper path. It also helps create a pendulum stoke, eliminating any wrist movement and therefore more solid impact. The Putting Stroke Teacher is endorsed by former PGA Tour Professional and short game guru Larry Rinker. PST2

I found The Putting Stroke Teacher definitely lived up to the claims! It is very easy to use and helps with proper alignment and stroke. I noticed immediately that my forearms and shoulders were aimed slightly left of the proper line. With a quick adjustment, I immediately started stroking better putts with a pure top roll!
If you tend to get a little “wristy” then The Putting Stroke Teacher is definitely for you. You’ll get immediate feedback as the rods “slide” up and down on your forearms. Using The Putting Stroke Teacher will definitely assist in creating a solid
pendulum putting motion.

I’d highly recommend The Putting Stroke Teacher!

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