Review: Vice Pro & Pro Plus Golf Balls

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Vice Golf makes premium golf balls and uses a direct to consumer distribution method.  Orders are placed on the company’s website ( and the balls are shipped directly to the consumer’s door.

The direct to customer method allows Vice Golf to sell their premium golf balls for less than their better known competitor brands.  But, how good are the balls?  Numerous independent testing results show that the Vice Pro and Pro Plus balls play just as good as there better-known (and higher-priced competition).  In fact, the results were so impressive that I just had to give the balls a try myself.  I’ll share my thoughts a little later, but first here’s a little more information about the company.

Vice Golf was founded in 2012 in Germany and started selling golf balls there before expanded into other parts of Europe.  Sales and customer feedback were strong enough that the company entered the US market in 2015.

The marketing efforts are mostly online, although they have run print ads in national publications.   The marketing campaigns focus not just on golfers who are looking for less expensive golf balls, but on golfers who are looking for something a little different.  There is a lot that is different about Vice Golf, from the name itself, to the script logo, to the packaging.  The “Embrace Your Vice” tagline says this is not your grandfather’s golf ball.

Ultimately, though, what golfers care about the most is performance.  So, how does the Vice Golf line of balls stack up against the competition?

Vice offers two premium models, the Vice Pro and Pro Plus.  The Pro is a 3 piece ball with a cast urethane cover and 318 dimples.   The Vice Pro is designed to challenge the Titleist Pro V1.  The player profile is described by the company as “advanced players with moderate to high clubhead speeds and with demand for great feel and distance control during the short game”.

The Pro Plus is a 4 piece ball with a cast urethane cover and 336 dimples.  The company compares the Pro Plus to the Titleist Pro V1x.  The player profile for the Pro Plus is “golfers with moderate to high clubhead speeds who want great feel and distance control around the greens as well as exceptional distance off the tee”.

Both balls definitely live up to the performance claims.  Compared to the Pro V1/Pro V1x the Vice Pro and Pro Plus more than hold their own at about half the price.

Off the driver, both balls perform very well and very similarly to their more expensive competition.  Of the two, the Pro flies slightly higher than the Pro Plus.  We noticed very little difference in carry distance, but the Pro Plus does roll out just a little more.

Spin on iron and wedge shots is exceptional.  Once again, the Pro flies slightly higher and lands with a steep decent making it stop on the green just slightly quicker than the Pro Plus.  Feel on chips and putts is very nice.  Overall, the feel of the Pro seems very similar to the Pro V1, while the Pro Plus feel falls somewhere between the Pro V1x and the Bridgestone 330.

The Pro is available in white, Neon (yellow), Flamingo (hot pink) and Shooter (revolver logo).  The Pro Plus is available in white only. Both the Pro and Pro Plus have extra-long “Keep in Line” (KIL) putting aid lines to assist with putting alignment.

If you’re going to give the Vice Golf balls a try (and we recommend that you do), choosing which ball to try really comes down to personal preference.  I found the Pro Plus to be just a bit more “lively” off the driver and long to medium irons.

Both the Vice Pro and Pro Plus are available for just $34.95 per dozen.  Buy three dozen and the price drops to $29.95, while a purchase of five dozen or more will lower the price to just $24.95 per dozen.  Shipping is a flat $6.95 within the United States.

Personalization is also available with no minimums.  You can add your name, logo, picture, or custom message to your Vice balls starting at just $13.90 per dozen with no setup fees.  Vice also offers gloves, hats, headcovers, umbrellas, and towels.

If you’re interested in playing a premium golf ball for a less-than-premium price, definitely give Vice Golf’s Pro or Pro Plus a try.  Delivery is normally made within 5 days of your order.

For more information about Vice Golf, visit their website: