Snell “My Tour Ball” Review

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by Joey Johnson

What is Snell Golf?SnellMyTourBall

Does the name Dean Snell ring a bell?  Maybe….maybe not.  It’s almost a certainty that your played a golf ball that was designed or influenced by him, though.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Titleist Pro V1?  Thought so.

Mr. Snell is the owner of 38 golf ball patents including the ProV1/ProV1x, Tour Prestige, HP2 Tour, and HP2 Distance while working with Titleist.  When TaylorMade got serious about golf balls, they called on Dean.  As Vice President of Research and Development he was instrumental in the creation of the TP Red LDP, TP Black LDP, Penta TP, Penta TP5, Lethal, Tour Preferred, Tour Preferred X, Burner, Noodle, RocketBallz, and Project (a) golf balls.

By any standards, that’s one excellent resume.

In January of 2015, Dean founded Snell Golf.

The headliner of Snell Golf is the “My Tour Ball”.  Snell describes the ball as “a 3-piece, tour caliber golf ball engineered to provide outstanding tee to green performance, with a mission to enhance scoring for golfers of all skill levels”.  The Snell Mission Statement: “To bring tour caliber equipment to the amateur golfer at an affordable price.  Our experience in R&D along with our strategic manufacturing partnership and direct to consumer distribution model allows us to do just that”.

More on the distribution model later.  First, let’s focus on the golf ball.  Does the Snell My Tour Ball live up to the claims?  In a word – yes!

I’ve played pretty much every premium golf ball on the market.  The reality is this: most of them are pretty good.  Trying to answer the “which one is the best” question is like trying to tell someone which driver, iron, or putter is best.

Golfers are like snowflakes….no two of us are alike.  When it comes to equipment, it’s simply a matter of what works best for you!

Which piece of equipment do you use on every shot?  The ball!

After playing numerous rounds with the Snell My Tour Ball, I feel very comfortable in saying that it is every bit the equal of the “best” premium golf balls on the market.


The Snell My Tour Ball has a soft, but very solid feel with both the driver and irons.  The same is true on chips and putts.  The feel is soft, but not mushy.  The cover is made of thermoset cast urethane, the same type of cover made on all “premium” golf balls on the market today.


A low compression core is designed to maintain low spin rates off the driver.  As mentioned earlier, each golfer will get different results based on their unique swing.  I noticed no difference in distance on driver or iron shots versus other premium balls.


The true measure of a golf ball should be how it reacts on iron shots, chips, and pitches.  These are your scoring shots.

The My Tour Ball flies at a medium-high trajectory and really pierces the wind nicely.  The action with mid-irons is excellent!  Is there a better feeling in golf than a properly struck iron shot that is tracking right at the pin?  You’ll receive plenty of “check” on those shots with the Snell MTB.

The same can be said for chips and pitches.  The Snell spins very nicely around the green.


One thing I was concerned about was durability.  After all, I had never played a Snell product before and didn’t really know what to expect.  Durability, simply put, is not an issue.  My testing showed them to be just as durable as any premium ball on the market and more durable than some.

As you’ve probably determined by now, I’d definitely recommend that you try the Snell My Tour Ball.  Here’s how:

Snell operates using a “direct to consumer” distribution method.  Their balls are available online at  The My Tour Ball is available for $31.99 per dozen including free shipping in the Continental United States.  This is a fairly significant savings when compared to other premium golf balls.  Big saving are available with the “Value Pack” of six dozen balls for just $157.99.  That’s just $26.33 per dozen!

Snell also offers a Testing Pack, which includes 2 sleeves of the My Tour Ball and 2 sleeves of the “Get Sum”.  The Get Sum is a “2-piece ball designed for straighter control and a soft feel around the green….providing superior performance to the average golfer”.

Once again Snell has hit the mark.  If you play the Titleist NXT Tour or similar ball I’d definitely recommend giving the Get Sum a try!

The Testing Pack is available for $26.99 per dozen.

The Get Sum is available for $20.99 per dozen or $85.00 for a Value Pack of 6 dozen.  The Get Sum is available in white or Optic Yellow.

For more information about Snell Golf, or to place your order, visit